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...there is no one! ONE Love ○○○agape4ever the new virus○○○ "AGAPE: Bedingungslose Liebe - Liebe ohne Objekt. NAMASTE: Meine Göttlichkeit erkennt deine Göttlichkeit." ~"Catch the moment!"~ ☆"No human object ever had the power to do anything against God`s will."☆ ~Wann habe ich das letzte mal WIRKLICH gelitten; - AUSSER in meinen Gedanken?~ ♡I see you, I love you, I know who you really are. In the name and on behalf of humanity, I deeply regret if you shouldn't have felt this before. I see you, I love you and I know who you really are. Thank you for seeing me, loving me and feeling who I really am. We are a big family. ♡WWG1WGA♡ And so it is - Namaste♡

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021

Live free or die / all Es Liebe -Love IS

Live Free



Die grösste Illusion IST:
Etwas erreichen zu wollen,
Dass Etwas Sinn machen soll -
ein Ziel erreichen zu wollen,

Das Jetzt IST:
Leben IST im Jetzt.
Was Willst du erREICHen,
was nicht IST... 
Der Sinn ist zu er-KENNEN
was IST. 
GEMEINSAM zum Wohle des Ganzen-



The greatest illusion IS:
Wanting to achieve something
That something should make sense -
wanting to achieve a goal

The now IS:
Life IS in the now.
What do you want to achieve
what is not ...
The meaning is to KNOW
What is.
TOGETHER for the good of the whole-




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