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...there is no one! ONE Love ○○○agape4ever the new virus○○○ "AGAPE: Bedingungslose Liebe - Liebe ohne Objekt. NAMASTE: Meine Göttlichkeit erkennt deine Göttlichkeit." ~"Catch the moment!"~ ☆"No human object ever had the power to do anything against God`s will."☆ ~Wann habe ich das letzte mal WIRKLICH gelitten; - AUSSER in meinen Gedanken?~ ♡I see you, I love you, I know who you really are. In the name and on behalf of humanity, I deeply regret if you shouldn't have felt this before. I see you, I love you and I know who you really are. Thank you for seeing me, loving me and feeling who I really am. We are a big family. ♡WWG1WGA♡ And so it is - Namaste♡

Freitag, 27. August 2021

what will be will be / was willst du werden; was du nicht schon bist?

 💫💞💫Die "Schönheit" die du in vermeintlich Anderen siehst -

Das bist DU💫💞💫

💞💫💞The beauty you see in others; you are that - 💞💫💞


☞what will be will be

“Only one thing is enough; awareness is the master key. It unlocks all the locks of existence. Awareness means you live moment to moment, alert, conscious of yourself and conscious of all that is happening around you, in a moment-to-moment response. You are like a mirror.” - Osho/OHSO 😎


Selah ~

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